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Chulbuli quotes mein, has become a brand that connects its customers to the soulful taste of its meticulously selected range of earthy spices and authentic Indian flavours that rejuvenate your kitchen platters. And we can assure you this with glorifying confidence, after a remarkable journey we look back at.


Just like the beginning of an aspiring dream,22 years ago began a spice firm in the competitive market. As time passed with , company grew the customer base and the growth managed to ignite a spark of hope and thrill in the man responsible for a spectacular creation. Mr. Mundhra who had gained resourceful experience in the market of spices. With his goodwill he had managed to understand his customers desire to play with a new taste in their food- and one thing that business had taught him was that customer is the king. Therefore, with determination and research he introduced an opportunity for the world to relish the pleasure of seedless handgraded tamarind and packed with love and hygiene, eliminating any adulteration in the process. It currently produces a wide range of spice. once It was launched, it built it’s own reputation and then it conquered the market .This venture dreams of touching million hearts through its products of rich aroma, taste and texture and will be adding more n more SKU'S. Chulbuli, continues to keep its customers satisfied and excited for the future. As a matter of fact Chulbuli has scaled itself with great success and is now open for the global markets through exports, and future seems to be brightening up .


India, a country that fought battles of bravery, and is known as a mixing pot of cultures- is also home to a range of indigenous spices, that bloom in the laps of a farmer’s diligence and the purity and simplicity of the Indian soil. Chulbuli values this natural resource of India and supports the vision of letting the world get the finger licking taste of Made in India products. We believe in having a flexible organisational culture so that all possible changing customer needs are met by us in time; because consumers are our first priority to look after. Importantly with globalisation in mind we also work through exports so that no chef misses out on the luxury of our spices that majestically brings out the authenticity in food.

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Moreover, while our brand caters to the taste and health of our customers with it’s deeply cleansed, graded, sortex products, it is our team of over 100 women who’ve helped us fulfil the vision of reaching every kitchen. These women working in a safe, healthy environment have learnt to empower themselves and we take immense pride in it. We believe that when we support women empowerment, we nurture growth and evolution.

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